Happy St Patrick's Day!

Hey everyone!

To celebrate St Patrick's Day we have created you a one time only kit!
Make sure you have 18 slots available in your inventory before using!
The command is /kit stpatrick

This kit is available for St Patrick's Day only!
From midnight (GMT-5) until 11:59pm (GMT-5) so be sure to get your hands on one!

We hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day!
Thanks for reading ~DanniDorrito

Minecraft 1.5 Update

The 1.5 update is finally released!

Our servers are currently patched to let you log in with the latest Minecraft version.

This means that you will be able to log in but not able to use any of the 1.5 features yet.

Once bukkit and all of our plugins are ready for 1.5, we will apply the full update and edit this news post.

Please report any bugs you may encounter in the comments below or in this thread.

Thanks for reading ~DanniDorrito

[ Click here to show all 1.5 changes ]

End & Nether reset

Hey everyone!

The End and Nether will be reset for the 1.5 update on 20th March so be sure to move valuables!

Any valuables lost due to the reset will not be compensated, you have been given enough notice through the forums, website news post and ingame auto message.

Thanks for reading ~DanniDorrito

New City World!

Hey Everyone!

We've added a brand new world for you all to explore and continue your adventures on FlyMC!

Minecraft FlyMC CityWorld

/warp SkyCity

The entire world is generated just with floating houses and cities! All the same rules apply to this world like in the main world!

One request is please just dont go around mining everything you see for resources, you have the main world for that. This world is more for faction bases without having to make homes for your members! Have fun PvPing and raiding!

Thanks for reading ~DanniDorrito