New Casino Features

Hey everyone! I'm happy to announce that we have an exciting new feature to the server for you!

FlyMC Casino

Head on over to /warp casino
Buy coins within the red hut
Right-click the juke box while holding coins to play!

Three in a row of any food item = Pot Money
Three in a row of Iron Ingots = Pot x1.5
Three in a row of Gold Ingots = Pot x2
Three in a row of Diamonds = Pot x3

We have implemented it so that overall the casino gives out slightly more than what is put into it, it's a 1/100 chance of winning a pot.
So try your luck at it today!

FlyMC Daily Raffle - Guaranteed Prizes!

Hey Everyone,

We have a new competition out which will be giving out prizes to everyone who participates!
Best part is, the competition will be running on a daily basis so you can win something every day!

There is a total of 100 different prizes for you to try your luck at winning!
This includes ingame money, vouchers for the FlyMC donation store, items, weapons, armor, EXP and plenty more!

Reply to the above thread with:
Minecraft In-game Username (IGN):
Pick a number between 1 and 100:
What was your first impression of FlyMC?:

How it works is the list of 100 prizes is randomized each day using a generator. So each prize will have a new number every day. When you post a raffle number you will win whatever prize is on that number for that day!

Be sure to read the Rules & Info section on the thread to be a valid applicant to win!

Good Luck to you all!

FlyMC Changes

Hey everyone!

A poll was made back in March in regards to Plotworld and the communities decision on what should be done.

The majority of you voted to change it into a creative world so that players can enjoy building and winding down from a hard days work of PVPing and raiding.

Plotworld will be reset May 14th so be sure to move all of your items to the other worlds.
This is a 2 week notice ingame and over the forums so no refunds will be given once the reset takes place.

We also have some big plans for some additional worlds for the near future. We won't ruin the surprise for you but we would love to hear your opinions on what you would like to see added to FlyMC! You are welcome to post any suggestions and ideas over the forums.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!

Happy Easter!

Hey everyone!

All the staff of FlyMC wish you a very happy easter and are hoping you don't explode from all the chocolate!
We have a special event lined up for you!

The Easter Egg Hunt!
Head on over to /warp skycity and find all the hidden treasure chests within spawn!
They are within buildings, in sewers and other sneaky places so get together and find them!
All chests hold a mob egg, diamonds and a few other surprises for you!
Don't be worried about others getting to the chest first, each chest is specially designed so each person
who opens it will see the same content as the last person who opened it!
You can see how many you have collected and what is left to collect with /tchest count
Also, check how many other players have found using /tchest count playername
The event will run from midnight (GMT-5) until 11.59pm (GMT-5) so happy hunting!

Thanks for reading ~DanniDorrito