Back From Minecon!

Hey Everyone!

Finally made it back home from Minecon, Orlando, FL. What a trip that was!

It was an amazing experience, but I must say we didn't see anything FlyMC orientated. Maybe we will have to look into changing that for next year!

While we were away the current server that hosts FlyMC needed to be taken down and relocated. For the time being, we moved the server to a new machine in another datacenter. If things go well. it could potentially remain on this server as it has additional network protection.

We would appreciate your feedback concerning the performance of the server in the upcoming days.

We hope you enjoyed the Minecon Sale while it lasted! Maybe we'll post another sale for the coming Christmas! Post any suggestions or ideas you have over the forums!

Thanks, Have Fun!

FlyMC Sale To Celebrate Minecon 2013!

Hey Everyone!

Minecon is right around the corner, and we are gearing up for the best event yet! Even if you can’t make it to Orlando in person, we wanted to offer our FlyMC community a chance to take part in the festivities!

And so, the Minecon Sale was created!

Right now, you can purchase 10,000 FlyCoins for $2.50 -- that’s 50% savings! But hurry -- this sale is for a limited time, so take advantage while you can!

Remember: FlyCoins can be used to buy unobtainable items like mob spawners. Maybe you want to check out our newest kit, Kit Shiny. Or perhaps you want to see why Knight is our best-selling rank of all time.

Also, if you havent already heard, Minecraft 1.7 should be released this Friday!
We will update the server as soon as a stable build comes out and most of our plugins can be updated! So please be patient
You can read more about the update and what is being added here!

Have fun!

1.6 Update and news

Minecraft is updating to 1.6.0 today (Monday July 1st). As with all updates we advise that you wait to update or backup your current client so that you may continue to play on FlyMC.

We will be updating the servers to 1.6.0 as soon as possible. As usual, we have to wait for Bukkit and some plugins to be updated. In the meantime, we will be hosting a temporary 1.6.0 server for your entertainment.

Temp server IP:

Some of the major changes that are occurring with this new Minecraft version are:

  • New Minecraft Launcher

  • Resource pack System

  • Horses, Donkeys and Mules

  • Decorative Carpet Block

  • Hardened and Stained Clay Blocks

  • Coal Block

  • Hay Bales

  • Name Tag

Have fun!

Server Problems

Hey guys!

Unfortunately, we have been experiencing some problems with our servers. We have contacted the datacenter where we hold them to find out more information and will let you know as soon as we can get our servers back up.

Sorry about the delay! We are just as frustated as you guys! Speak to you soon!

Everything has been sorted out. Thanks for baring with us.

See you around.