FlyMC Flying horses Tutorial

Whoot! Learn how to make those horses fly!

Flying Horses have Arrived!

To compensate for the kit cooldown we will be adding new perks over time. The goal is to release a new perk each week for a few weeks. This week we have Flying Horses and the kit cool down will be set to 4 days.

SkyKnight+ Can use flying Horses with Iron armor.

SkyLord+ can use Gold flying horse armor.

SkyKing+ can use Diamond horse armor.

SkyEmperor can use all horse armour and does not need to refuel their horse!

I will be posting a guide on getting your horse to fly later this night.

Emergency downtime.

Hey all!

Due to an issue with missing player.dat files we will be offline for a few hours this morning to correct the issue. I am backing up all 29,000 player data files and then working to correct the issue. The transfer alone is a 2-4 hour process. Once completed all new worlds will be operational and old worlds purged.


FlyMC needs some Snazzy builders!

Over the next month we have a few projects in the works. Talented builders would be loved and appreciated. This will come with a suprise rank perk and title. Also a few privliges. Just post your works on the forums at the following link! I am looking forward to seeing your works.