Getting Started

Welcome to the world of FlyMC!


Many years ago the lands of Caelestis were pure, full and fertile. The gods tended to its every need, they welcomed people into the secluded world and gave them just as much care. The people became more demanding and started to take from the lands. They flew like birds and claimed whatever they desired, all was within reach. They moulded the land and created beautifully designed buildings and structures, every shape and size imaginable. Beautiful cities stood tall right across the lands, each and every person worked hard to make a mark within the world.

The land of Caelestis has many gods upon which all the creatures of the land worshipped; some of them were angered by the people's decision to take the land, especially since many of these gods gave them the power of flight. A small number of the gods merged together to create a greater power and with one foul swoop they smashed into the lands of Caelestis; intent on destroying all that the people had created.

The other gods were horrified by the destruction, they realised they should not be involved with worlds and moved on; leaving the lands of Caelestis once again, a small lonely world. However, the gods didn't realise it was not alone.

The power caused chaos and destruction, many cities fell. The power had split the world apart, many of the lands began to fall away leaving behind just a fraction of what Caelestis was. What was left began to stabilise, lands became floating islands. Thankfully the people that survived still had the power of flight. Almost all the cities had perished; only one city now stands, the City of Caelum. Its beauty and wisdom hangs by a tether of a small floating island. All survivors journeyed and moved to Caelum and have since been living there. Over time the people grew strong, many have now started to journey again out to the lands of Caelestis. The lands are spread thinly and any resources are valuable. The people began to fight between each other; powerful factions have formed to become the ruler of Caelestis.

Today, a person is standing on the tip of Caelum ready to leave. They may make the biggest faction on the lands of Caelestis and own everything. That person could be you, now explore and create a beautiful city and make Caelestis better than what it used to be!


Most things in FlyMC revolve around its currency; the FlyCoins.
The FlyCoins is what you will need to use your fly ability and trade with other players.
They also can be used to purchase some items from the spawn shops.

When you join FlyMC, you are given an initial balance of 10,000 FlyCoins.

Flying consumes 1 FlyCoin per minute.

Factions cost 12,500 FlyCoins to create. So it is recommended to join existing factions, it will be cheaper and better to protect your belongings. You can find factions that are recruiting here:

You can obtain FlyCoins pretty easily by:

  • Gathering resources
  • Killing monsters
  • Killing players
  • By voting
  • By donating
  • By gaining experience and levelling up
  • By participating in events


Excluding the Nether and the End, there is two worlds in FlyMC:
The main world, named Caelestis, and the plot world, named Caelentra. Both have a radius of 4000 blocks

PVP is enabled in the main world, nether and end.

The main world is a wild area consisting of the 'City of Caelum' and many floating islands. You are free to claim any region around Caelum using our factions system. Just fly 250 blocks straight from spawn until you reach the ~Wilderness.

The End will be reset on a monthly basis, the Nether will not be reset. Both the End and Nether are in spawn but only accessable through a secret enterance, there are hints hidden within spawn as to their locations.

More worlds may come...


To view all the commands, please see the commands section.

This has been implemented to give players a more diverse and challenging experience to their gameplay. The experience and levelling rate has been decreased to make it even more challenging when players try to become the best at each skill.

We don't want active members to be overpowered. To make it fair on new players a level cap has been put into place, here are the details:

Gathering Skills

Excavation - Level Cap 1000
Fishing - Level Cap 1000
Herbalism - Level Cap 1000
Mining - Level Cap 1000
Woodcutting - Level Cap 1000

Combat Skills

Axes - Level Cap 200
Archery - Level Cap 200
Swords - Level Cap 200
Taming - Level Cap 1000
Unarmed - Level Cap 200

MISC Skills

Acrobatics - Level Cap 1000
Repair - Level Cap 500

There are a lot of commands you can use in FlyMC; Here are the most important ones:
For land protection and faction commands, please see the factions section.

Commands List:

/spawn - Takes you to spawn.
/warp shop - Takes you to the Admin Shop located within spawn.
/warp arena - Takes you to the PvP arena located within spawn.
/helpop message -Sends a message to online admins.
/sethome - Sets your home at your current location.
/home - Teleports you to your home.
/delhome - Deletes your current home location.
/sethome name - Create multiple home locations. (Donor feature)
/home name -Takes you to a specific home location. (Donor feature)
/delhome name - Delete a specific home if you have multiple locations. (Donor feature)
/who, /list - Shows online players.
/fly - Toggle the fly mod. (you can also doubletap the spacebar to toggle after using /fly)
/help - Prints a list of commands.
/hat - Use a block as your hat. (Donor feature)
/kit - Shows available kits.
/kit name - Gives you the kit in question.
/money help - Shows other commands that can be used with the money.
/money - Shows your balance.
/money name - Shows other players balance.
/money pay name price - Send FlyCoins to a specific player.
/wb - Gives you a virtual workbench. (Donor feature)
/afk - Sets your status to Away From Keyboard.
/rules - Prints the rules.
/motd - Displays the message of the day.
/ci - Clear your inventory.
/tpa name- Sends a teleport request to a player. (Donor feature)
/tpahere name- Send a summon request to a player. (Donor feature)
/tpdeny - Deny a teleport/summon request.
/tpaccept - Accept a teleport/summon request.
/tptoggle - Blocks all forms of teleportation
/warp name - Warps you to the specified location.
/m name message - Sends a private message to a specific player.
/r - Quickly reply to the last player to message you.
/me message - Describes an action in the context of the player.
/suicide - Causes you to perish.
/realname name - Displays the username of a user based on nick.
/seen name - Shows the last logout time of a player.
/auc ? - Auction help.
/auc info - Displays auction information.
/bid amount - Place a bid on current auction.
/auc start price - Start an auction.
/auc hand price - Auction the item in your hand.
/auc end delay - End current auction.
/auc cancel ID - Cancel an auction.
/auc listen/ignore - Listen to or ignore auctions.
/mcstats - View your MCMMO statistics.
/mctop skill page - Leaderboards for MCMMO skills.
/inspect player - View detailed player MCMMO info. (Must be within 5 blocks from the player)
/MCMMO skill - View detailed information about a specific skill.
/cprotect - Protect a chest/furnace/dispencer/door. (They auto-lock when placed)
/cremove - Remove a protection from a chest/furnace/dispencer/door.
/cpublic - Makes a chest/furnace/dispencer/door available to everyone (Stops others from locking it) /cmodify name- Adds a player to your locked chest/furnace/dispencer/door.

Price to create a faction: 12,500 FlyCoins
Max player power level: 20
Power level loss on death: 5
Power regeneration: 0.5 per minute
Power level needed to claim land: 20
Power level needed to claim other faction land: 60
Max amount of land that can be claimed: Unlimited

Here is the list of faction commands you can use in FlyMC; This will also allow you to protect land.

Faction Commands

/f help page - Display the ingame help page.
/f list page - Provides you with a list of factions.
/f show faction tag - Shows faction information. ~ Faction power is the sum of all faction members power.
/f power name - Shows player power information. ~ When you die you lose power, its restored again over time.
/f join faction name your name - Join a faction.
/f leave - Leave your faction.
/f chat message - Talk in your faction chat
/f home - Teleport to your faction home.
/f create faction tag - Create a new faction.
/f desc message - Change the faction description.
/f tag faction tag - Change the faction tag.
/f open yes/no - Switch if invitation is required to join.
/f invite name - Invite a player to your faction.
/f deinvite name - Remove a pending invitation.

~Only for faction owners
/f sethome faction tag - Set the faction home.
/f money - Lists faction money commands.
/f claim radius - Claims the land around where you are standing. ~ Faction power determines land claim size.
/f unclaim radius - Unclaim the land around where you are standing.
/f unclaimall - Unclaims all of your factions land.
/f kick name - Kick a player from the faction.
/f mod name - Give or revoke player rights.
/f admin name - Hand over your admin rights
/f title name title - Set or remove a players title.
/f map on/off - Show the territory map, and set optional update.
/f owner name - Set ownership of claimed lands.
/ownerlist - List owner(s) of claimed land the player is standing in.
/f disband faction tag - Disbands your faction.
/f ally faction tag - Become allies with another faction ~ Can't hurt allies.
/f enemy faction tag - Declare war against another faction ~ Enemy damage is reduced in your own territory.
Chests auto-lock when placed down, however you can claim other players chests by claiming the land with factions. This will auto-unlock the chest and the loot is yours for the taking!

Only faction members can build and destroy their own territory. Useage of the following items is also restricted:
Door, Chest, Furnice and Dispenser.
As dispensers are protected, you can create traps without worrying about those arrows getting stolen!

Make sure to put pressure plates in front of doors for your guest visitors. Otherwise they cant get through. You can also use this to create member only areas.

Players cannot damage you within your own faction land unless you are declared enemies with their faction. However, you will still do 30% more damage to them on your own faction land. This will also apply to other factions lands so be careful!

If you ally with another faction you cannot cause any damage to the members of that faction, this will come in handy when any PvP wars break out.


If you are killed or die of natural causes a Deathchest will appear. It is an unlocked chest holding the contents of your inventory at the last spot you died. If another player has not claimed this then you will have 5 minutes to return to the chest before it disappears and drops all your items.

List of known server bugs/glitches which are currently being fixed:

  • Logging out whilst flying kills you. FIXED
  • Flying to the world border will teleport you to spawn. (Will only happen if you dont land regularly)
  • Deathchests auto-lock within safe zones. FIXED
  • Furnaces do not unlock when a faction claims land.
  • Flying toggles off when switching between worlds. FIXED
  • If a player attempts to break the deathchest within a safe zone it will stick permanantly and not disappear.

Please report via private message any bugs or glitches you find to any staff members! Thank you!
Want Changes?

Here at FlyMC we pride ourselves on being a 'community based' server. We are completely open to changes based on the players opinions, anything can be reviewed and edited.

If you have a thought or opinion you would like to express please post on our forums -, we take all suggestions into consideration!

Help us create a better server for you!