Major Changes for FlyMC

In addition to Eximius Gaming, FlyMC is joining the new network Citrine Realm. The immediate benefit is extra support and promotion for FlyMC. In the longterm, FlyMC will have access to more resources.

I am also looking at doing an almost complete reset of FlyMC this Autumn (2016). I've been trying to work around old problems to keep the transition smooth since I was promoted to owner, but doing so has involved asking a lot of patience from members to deal with things not working well. Never mind the distrubances caused by Mojang's monthly silent changes on what counts as EULA acceptable.

From now on, developments for FlyMC will be posted about on the Citrine Realm forum. Please make suggestions or ask questions regarding FlyMC there.

- Shaila

ps. If your client ever has problems seeing, please try connecting to

Ownership Change

As Kuma is needed working on other projects, I am stepping in as the new owner of FlyMC.

There will be some significant changes coming up, including that respecting Mojang's EULA will require a complete remake of the donation and rank system. However, my foremost interest is providing a player experience that the community can enjoy.

For people less familiar with my history, I founded Pearlmc (over 3 years old), previously was a co-owner of Minetown (oldest Eximius Gaming server), and currently hold the role of network admin for Eximius Gaming (the network, not a specific server). There's probably a handful of people that can vouch I may be a busy person, but know how to fix things on servers. :)

I should have more news coming in the next week, but for now, I apologize ahead for if you catch me apparently AFK in game. I don't have a wall of monitors to watch everything like a certain network owner. ;)

- Shaila

Wham! We love you all!

We love you ALL! We are still here working to make this your favorite server. Look for week 3 updates today!

Updates for Week Two!

Welcome Ladies and gents. Headed into week two we have a slew of wonderful updates for you all.

Watch the video below for details!